Cirencester Calendar 2019

Cirencester Calendar 2019 – Sold Out!

We are delighted to announce that this year’s calendar has now completely sold out!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed, sponsored, produced, sold and bought the 2019 calendar.

Looking ahead to 2020, we are now accepting entries for possible inclusion in next year’s calendar – so please go out with your cameras and explore our wonderful town.

Details on how to enter will be announced soon.

Welcome to our Cirencester Calendar 2019

For many years I’ve wanted to put together a charity calendar of Cirencester Park, but have just never had the time to do it. Earlier in the year I joined a Facebook Group I’d heard about called ‘Cirencester, A Local Town for Local People’ and after seeing all the beautiful photographs uploaded by its members, I realised how much talent there was in our town, and how much passion people had for the area.

It was the most natural thing in the world to suggest to the members of this wonderful group we should make the journey together and the rest, as they say, is history. I was quickly joined with my planning efforts by Adam Vines from Lounge Design who has brilliantly come up with the graphic artwork and presentation and so between us all, we have put a beautiful calendar together, celebrating everything that is fabulous about Cirencester.

It has been a complete joint effort throughout, the members of the group took all the photographs, they chose the charities to benefit (please read all about them, they are amazing), and they voted for the front cover from the finalists.

On top of that, each month has been sponsored by local companies, the back pages too, meaning every single penny raised will go to the three charities nominated by the Facebook Group. Adam and I are so grateful for the support they have given.

There are a few people we should particularly thank – all the sponsors, the artistry of our local photographers (each photo is credited), Paul Skuse and all the admin team from Cirencester, A Local Town for Local People, as well as the members of the Facebook group who have been so incredibly supportive, and Busy Fingers, again a local company, who have printed the calendars at cost.

Lastly, we want to thank you for buying this calendar, your money will go towards helping three fantastic local charities.

It has been tremendous fun running this project and we hope you enjoy it just as much over the coming year, wherever you are.

God bless Cirencester and all who live here!

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All profits will be distributed to the following local charities:


Many women do not realise they have postnatal depression as the ‘baby blues’ creep up on them, often developing in the first few weeks after giving birth but not taking hold until six months on. It can be overwhelming, leaving mums feeling alone and

In Cirencester a support group called Shine! provides a place where women can come together for help. It holds free sessions
at the Churn Project allowing women to relax, be creative and escape the pressures of motherhood.

Therapy can be found in art workshops, massages and yoga,amongst other classes which are all offered to help new mums in
what can be an unbelievably isolating time in their lives.

Lauraine Cheesman, founder of Shine!, was once advised by her doctor to attend an art class to help ease her postnatal depression
and what she learnt inspired her to set up the group in 2014.

It has gone from strength to strength and now helps Mums from all over the area through postnatal depression.


Oak and Furrows wildlife rescue centre was founded by Serena Stevens in 1994, and became a registered charity in 2006.

Oak & Furrows is a 24/7 centre operating 365 days a year, taking in all orphaned, injured or sick British Wildlife with the aim to re-release fit and healthy animals back into the wild.

Over the years the centre has continued to grow with more and more animals being brought in. A new site had to be found to accommodate its expanding list of patients and so in 2015 they relocated to Blakehill Nature Reserve, near Cricklade.

Each day, the animals receive high quality care with every intention of releasing them once they are back to full health by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. It relies solely on public donations and will benefit greatly from the proceeds of the sale of the Cirencester Calendar 2019.


Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool, located on the edge of Cirencester Park, was built in 1869. The brainchild of a group of businessmen in Cirencester who endeavoured to promote a private enterprise that would benefit Cirencester town – and that is exactly what it has done, right up to the present day, one hundred and fifty years later. In fact, Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool is one of the oldest lidos in the country.

The idea was to provide a “swimming bath” and the committee approached Lord Bathurst, the 5th Earl, for help in finding a suitable site. Finally, it was decided the best place was the meadow at the rear of the Barracks Yard, approached by a footpath from Thomas Street, by way of the path beside the stream leading to the Mill in Barton Lane.

Since then, Cirencester Open Air Pool, 28 metres long with a slide and separate children’s paddling pool and sunbathing patio has given the families of Cirencester and it’s visitors 150 years of fun and exercise and as a charity, the it relies on the money derived from its use as a pool, as well as the generosity of donations and income from events.