Cirencester Calendar

Thank you to all those who purchased the Cirencester Calendar 2020

The 2020 calendar sales meant that each local charity recieved £2,420!  Please do read all about them, they are inspiring and achieve so much in our community.

The 2019 calendar raised over £9,000 for the three charities and was sent literally all over the world, amazing to think how far it travelled!

Lounge Design has worked incredibly hard on the art design, and we are also very grateful to Jered Bolton of Not Just Code who has custom made a website for us, so you can now place orders online. So much easier! Thank you.

Once again, there has been huge support from many local companies who have sponsored each month. Thank you for stepping up and being so generous, your help means we cover the production costs – resulting in all the money raised going straight to where it’s needed most.

Thanks also must go to the Admin of ‘Catflap’, as well as the founder Paul Skuse, who have been unendingly patient with all the posts promoting our community project.

A big thank you to the members who have been incredibly enthusiastic in their individual support, the photographs sent in and the spirited voting when selecting not only the charities, but the front cover as well – this could never happen without you.

Lastly, a big thanks to each and every one of you who has brought the 2nd edition of The Cirencester Calendar into your home – we hope you enjoy it, wherever you are in the world, as much as we have loved putting it together.

God bless dear Cirencester!

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All profits were distributed to the following local charities:


Grant-giving trust, supporting projects that improve and enhance the participation of youth in sport in the Cirencester and Forest of Dean areas, with an ethos of forward giving. This means that for every £100 we grant, we would want “an hour of time” to give back to the community.

We are looking to support clubs, organisations, schools, colleges etc with projects that will provide a lasting legacy to youth participation.

Where we are unique, is that our ethos of forward giving means that in return for a grant, we would expect “an hour for every £100 given” to be given to the local or wider community. This can be anything from running a charity event, to volunteering at a local charity project.

The foundation is named after Ashley Scrivens, who lost his life in August 2014 at the age of 24 to a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He lived his life playing and coaching youth rugby, and fundraising for his chosen charities (Cancer Research and Bliss). The foundation looks to replicate his passion for youth sport and giving back.


Gerry Watkins launched the Big Yellow Bus Project in June 2017, when he came up with the idea of sheltering the homeless during the winter months.

Since then, he has raised enough money to purchase a £3,000 bus through fundraising gigs across the region.

Gerry’s big yellow bus is now fully refurbished. The seats were removed, and bed compartments have been fitted for timber-framed bunk beds.

The relevant authority checked all the work carried out for the project and any homeless person using the bus must be signed up to a rehabilitation course. Gerry also hopes to set up training courses to help the homeless get back into work.

To date, The Big Yellow Bus has sheltered a huge number of people who have needed help and it continues to grow as a wonderful addition to the community of Cirencester.


Established in 1938 The CDCH (charity reg no. 207006) supports and cares for abused, neglected and abandoned animals in the Cotswolds.

We do this by rescuing animals who are either being badly treated, or abused, or find themselves in a situation where their owners can no longer keep them due to personal circumstances; providing re-homing services to enable animals to find new loving homes and by supporting people who are in difficult financial circumstances by providing access to veterinary treatments for their pets.

The newly built Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home has become a centre of excellence. It has allowed us to triple the number of animals we can assist and has provided us with the facilities and space we need to provide those animals with the very best start on their journey to a new life – and it will go on doing so, not just for today and tomorrow but for generations to come.

We count The Countess Bathurst and Lisa Kew among our Patrons and we are very grateful to them for their continuing support.